The Cliche Saying “Always be Thankful For What You Have”

I was stuck in the phase of being a brace face and rocking an afro the first time I understood “always be thankful for what you have”. (I did not yet know what hair product was) Trust me, I was the most ungrateful brat you would have ever met.

I was only fourteen years old when I walked down the streets of Antigua Guatemala and witnessed what true homeless was. Yes, I had seen homelessness countless amounts of times growing up. But for the first time I saw an old man with nothing but shreds of clothes, no legs, and not even a sign begging for money. Most importantly I saw people walk right past him and not even stopping to drop some change in his hands. ¬†For the first time in my life I thought… Thank you God for the things I have.

I have been going to Guatemala from the time I was fourteen years old. I lived there for six weeks, and then got hooked and started going twice a year. I have seen children with out moms, starving. Literally starving, not the “I am going to die if I don’t get to eat lunch in 15 mins starving” actually starving. I have seen kids with rotten teeth, to where their teeth are simply black. I have seen families with plus six kids living in a house made of mud and card board. So yes, I have seen things to understand I should always be thankful. I was recently told by someone “well you are able to be so grateful because you have seen things no one else ever has.” That statement could not be more wrong. I thought to myself…. Haven’t you seen things in this world or country to make you think I am so thankful for the things in my life? And that is what sparked the idea of writing this.

I am a junior in college. So most of the time I hear students complain about how poor they are or how hard it is taking umpteen credit hours. But college students you should be the most thankful of them all! While driving down the road to your class you see a homeless person. You should think “Thank you God for giving me the ability to attend college so that hopefully one day I am able to have a job to provide for myself” but instead you are much to worried about making it to class on time or what hot girl will be sitting next to you in class.

The next person I must critize is the adults. I am not technically a full blown adult yet, but I am around them enough to know. You are on lunch break from the fast pace of being a doctor. You have been slammed all day, with people complaining about having a minor cold, or better yet someone with a shiny grill, an iphone 6s, brand new jordans, and their nails done, and are also on obama care. You scroll through your facebook feed and see “Guatemala becoming one of the most malnutrition countries in the world” (probably because I shared it) but that doesn’t really hit home to you so you click on another link. It’s a GoFund me for a family that’s child has just been diagnosed with cancer and doesn’t have much time to live. You think “hmmmm that is sad, well lunch is over, time to go back to these horrid people” Instead you should have thought “Thank God my children have food on the table, and are completely heathly”

So I have touched on college students, adults, and you’d think I’d start to pick on teenagers but no. What about the kids? Little kids are not grateful or thanking God for what they have, and they will be our future some day!

Your kid goes to school in 15 degree weather. You have him dressed to the T. He has four layers of clothes, a big winter coat, and to top it off gloves and a hat. Your child sits next to the new kid in class. The new kid in class came to school in a t-shirt, pajama pants, and flip flops. He said this was his 5th school of the year because he was in foster care. Now some kids would feel bad for this child and tell their parents. But the sad truth is some would think “why is he dressed like that? He looks so weird” and not simply think “Thank you God for giving me a family who loves me.”

Yes, I have seen more than most people will ever see in their lives, and I am still in college! Yes, I have every reason to be thankful for what God has given me. But so does the average Joe. Maybe some people haven’t seen the extremes I have seen, but they have seen hardships. We as people can not be thankful for things because we have accepted the fact that we are having a much worst time than someone else. Yes, that may be true. Those patients may drive that doctor crazy. And he may think no one has a job like me. No one understands what I go through day in and day out. Yes, that is very true. But he has a job. He provides for his family. We as people need to start using the cliche saying”ALWAYS be thankful for what you have.” We need to start saying this quote/saying to our kids, to our parents, and to a college student complaining about his homework. Be thankful for what you have and where God has placed you. He always has a plan, and he doesn’t promise tomorrow.

The Cliche saying “God Works in Mysterious Ways”

First and for most please forgive me if there are miss spellings and grammatical errors. This is my first ever blog post.

When I was just ten years old I heard God talk to me.  At ten years old I was really confused because at that age all I knew about God was what my parents and sunday school teachers had told me.  I still remember this day, like it happened yesterday.  I was home sick from school and my mom made me go to her bible study with me.  I was asleep on a couch when I heard the most perfect voice you could ever hear.  It was seriously like a voice of an angel was whispering in my ear. I heard “your parents will adopt a sister and she will be healed”  We had just adopted my youngest brother, and I had no information yet of having another sister.  On the drive home, I said mom I really think God was talking to me today.  She responded “Oh really, and what did he say?”  I repeated what he had said and she immediately stopped the car.  Little did I know my parents had been considering adopting another baby girl from Guatemala with two holes in her heart and would most likely not live until the age of two. Little did I know the adoption would be horrendous and it would take almost a year, causing my little sister to get sicker and sicker.  My parents, questioned God every day. Why God is this taking so long?  Why is she not home so we can get her medical attention before it is too late?  When my little sister finally came home we had appointments set up to have her heart examined and see what surgeries should would need. We took her to her appointments and the doctor came in to the room saying, “I am not sure why she is here? She has nothing wrong with her heart and looks perfectly fine.” Here we are today and last week we celebrated Miss Dottie Jo’s tenth birthday.  God Works in Mysterious Ways.


As I grew older I had faced many challenges and my mom would always say God has a plan, we do not know what he is doing now, but he has a plan.  I thought to myself how could that possibly be?  I had lost sight of what God’s plan could possibly be.  I did not fully understand this until I was in college. My first semester in college I thought I want to be a criminal justice major. I want to be a bad ass (forgive me of my language, we all sin, mine is my potty mouth). I want to have a drama filled day and always be actively arresting people.  Little did I know I would get a D in my first criminal justice class, forcing me to retake the class (because you had to have a C to move on to higher classes) or change my major.  I thought, God why would you do that? I studied, worked my butt off, and still got a D. I had never saw a D before in my life.  I felt like a failure. I looked into changing my major and in the back of my head I knew being a special needs teacher was calling my name.  I had just spent six weeks in Guatemala and had majorly bonded with a special needs child in one of the villages I was working at.  I quickly changed my major, and now can not think of doing anything else but being an elementary special needs teacher. I was tested many times by God in college.

So God has given you many many shake ups in life.  Maybe you just got let go at work, maybe you just got broken up with, and maybe you were just diagnosed with cancer.  But God is working in your life.  Maybe you lost your job because there is a better paying one with better benefits and it isn’t close to home.  Maybe you are suppose to move away and impact someone else’s life. Maybe you were diagnosed with cancer to let your family know what is really important and bring them closer together.  Or maybe God is ready for you to spend forever with him.  We as humans are constantly selfish, because we think constantly why God why this?  Why that?  We as humans do not take the time to thank God for what he is doing, or to even trust in him.  After all I am pretty sure the guy that died on the cross for your sins FOR YOU is not going to let you suffer with out a reason. After all he did die on the cross FOR YOU. Why would he ever stop caring about you. For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11.  God tells us clear as day he has a plan for us. How could we ever question what he is doing in our lives ? After all it is amazing that someone cares enough about me and you to say “this is not what I want for you right now, and this is going to cause pain, but I promise the ending will be amazing” He loves us.